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About Us

RCS Orlando Inc.

RCS Orlando is a commercial and residential family operated company that offers a variety of cleaning services. These services are tailored to each client and their specific cleaning needs.
We focus in rejuvenating, restoring and protecting your property at an affordable price without compromising work quality and outstanding results. RCS Orlando is fully licensed and insured. We welcome all jobs. No Job is too small or too big for us.

Why choose us?

We are proud of our experience acquired during ongoing cleaning trainings and over a decade of service. When needed we do not hesitate to seek suggestions from professional consultants to ensure techniques, chemicals and equipment are used in a way that supports our commitment to great service.
Our years of experience have allowed us to develop skills and to acquire tools to clean residential, commercial properties throughout Central Florida. RSC Orlando's success is, in great part, the result of our customers satisfaction which leads to recurrent service and referrals .
We've put together a customized set up that allows us to run multiple pressure washing units (pressure washers, surface cleaners and rinse houses) simultaneosly from a single water source, so you can quickly move on to enjoy your resident or to run your business. RCS Orlando Inc. provides survives 24/7. To avoid interruptions with business operations, we will work over night so yo and your customer can enjoy, during the day, the experience of a clean and inviting environment.
Our employes are trained to prepare the area by removing cob webs, wasp nests prior to the pressure washing. They will also remove and replaced all outdoor furniture, matts, plant, pots and other items, WE DO NOT just clean around objects.
We guarantee a quick response to your request followed by a free friendly consultation and written estimate for an immediate service always without hidden fees.

Why pressure wash once a year?

Practically any hard surface can and should be pressure washed once a year. The growth of algae, fungi, (mildew and molds) likens, the accumulated dirt, dust and pollen as well as oil and rusts stains gives an impression a bad impression and contributes to surface damage that will eventually translate into costly repairs and  replacements.
Florida is well known for rainy summers and high humidity. Organisms grow at a fast speed under these conditions leading to an ugly, uninviting and  hazardous environment.

We accept all major Credit Cards
We accept all major Credit Cards